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We’re here to help students get better grades in school

Based in Kuala Lumpur, we are rapidly growing since our humble beginning in January 2020. And nothing makes us prouder than seeing our users improve their academic performance.

Our Agenda

To enable education through technology

Technology helps scale our educational reach and make it possible to connect with students around the country regardless of location.

To create personalised education experiences

Every child is unique, and each one is learning differently. We design our solution to adapt to the learning needs of every child.

To make education fun

We deliver an enjoyable and interactive learning experience because we believe this will help students retain information better.

To support the National Education Philosophy

We work hand-in-hand with teachers and schools towards developing Malaysian citizens who are knowledgeable, competent and able to contribute to the harmony and betterment of society.

pandai education center

Our Mission

Transforming learning space with technology

Our Vision

Equipping today’s young minds for tomorrow

Our Product

We are dedicated to supporting children in reaching their full potential

Pandai provides practice questions to help students learn and build conceptual understanding of major school subjects in the National Curriculum.

In addition to the content developed by the Pandai team, the learning materials on Pandai are sourced from experienced educators and leading academic publishers, with new practice questions being added every day.

The content is designed to be dynamic in order to support students from other countries, with bilingual (Bahasa Melayu & English) content for Mathematics and Sciences.

Pandai question bank is categorised using different ranges of thinking skills and difficulty to cater to all progress levels. Gamification elements are integrated to motivate and engage students to self-study using the app.

Our unique diagnostic tools identify student’s strengths and weaknesses, and recommend specific lessons and practices to improve.

In order to support student’s achievement beyond school, Pandai also provides extracurricular content such as competition preparation materials for mathematics, science, and computational thinking.

Children's education improvement initiatives would only be successful with the involvement from parents and teachers. Thus, a separate Pandai Parents and Pandai Guru apps were also developed to complete the ecosystem.

Our Achievements and Recognitions

We have been pitched, grilled and determined worthy of achieving multiple recognitions from within the country and abroad

YC Combinator YC Summer 2021
Pandai - SUPERB SUPERB Winner
Pandai - MyHackathon MyHackathon Winner
Pandai - Pitch@Selangor Pitch@Selangor Winner
Pandai - Smart Economy Smart Economy Winner
Pandai - Entrepreneurship World Cup Top 5 Winner
Pandai - Global Accelerator Graduated
Pandai - Cyberview Living Lab Graduated
Pandai - CIP Ignite Grant Recipient
Pandai - National Technology Sandbox Grant Recipient

Supported by Renowned Institutions

We are affiliated with and supported by many government agencies and renowned educational institutions

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